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At The Omen Agency we develop entertainers from start to finish. In terms of our Production, we have formed elite partnerships and created more innovative ways to better cater to our client’s development process. 

The Omen Agency has revolutionized into a full service digital machine! We offer our clients marketing, promotion, production, and booking with diverse sources based in Atlanta, Germany, and Johannesburg and beyond. We exercise a worldwide vision with you in mind. Our services include  a fully staffed marketing team, a digital/physical distribution company, and a multi-media entertainment firm equipped with a team of agents at your disposal. Keep an eye out for the Omen Agency, “A sign of things to come”.n of things to come”.

Generating a vibrant brand experience for your audience is vital in becoming a successful artist or brand. 

Lasting impressions online mean everything to your brand, especially in this current era. We have a team of specialists who can bring your vision to life. Our team can compose anything from App and website development, branding and progress reports, social media schedules, merch ideas, and unique resources that will excite your followers on a whole new level. 

  • Website Development
  • Social Media Schedule 
  • Visual Identity and Design
  • App Development

Say Goodbye to Beat Block. Your beats are going to be drowning the rest of the competition with our organic beat bundles, and plugins! No matter what level producer you are the  #Oz gives a boost in the recording industry and converts their producer currency into musical money. Come trap with us within the dopest beat community today; the OZ! Whether you’re buying or selling. Gain access to the hottest beats and plugins our trap has to offer!

We guarantee a cinematic experience with the filming sector of the company.

Our filming crew is very experienced in exceeding expectations since they have worked with well-known artists such as Pastor Troy, Ritz, and D.C. Young Fly just to name a few. The more dedicated the artist the higher the expectations. Here at the Omen Agency, we desire to make dedicated individuals’ dreams come to life. 

  • Filming 
  • Editing
  • Audio and Video Playlist Placement
  • Metadata Management
  • Realtime Analytics
  • Global Scale Growth Strategy

We help you establish a web presence with cost effective solutions that not only look good, but perform well in a competitive marketplace.

  • E-commerce consultancy, development and promotion
  • Web Design and Development
  • Integrated Marketing Application 
  • Website Performance
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Gaining “Performance Royalties” from Booking shows/events becomes inevitable once our investors decide if YOU the talent will guarantee their ROI. If the answer is yes, then going on tour becomes a reality with the biggest commissions possible!


1). Want to book an Artist?  Book Now!

2). Need Gigs? Let Us Help!

“Hey Tv/Film producers! Looking for License FREE music, and sounds?” Well, look no further. From Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, to children’s programming you can rely on us as a resource.

We help independent music makers and brands by connecting their content to the world and made visible for the desired audience. The music business has changed e.g. “Playlists” are the crossroads between old time radio stations and new school streaming stations. Playlists are the core monetary generators. Having the right placement and curator relationship can result in thousands of daily streams. Our placement services can get your music in front of top music investors. We will determine the best direction in terms of – television, commercial or film – based on your sound.

  • Global Distribution 
  • Algorithm Research
  • DJ Record Servicing
  • Film/TV licensing


Don’t make it hard for potential clients to find you. Let Omen Agency Apps give your business a boost! Available on Android, and IOS.


We have helped artists and brands expand their reach and connect with audiences by giving them the right tools and support.


From the studio to the stage.

The Omen Agency has mastered the process artists go through to develop the skills and crafts necessary to become a professional in the music industry. This means everything from vocal production, songwriting, image consulting and brand building,

production (music/video), live performance, marketing, and social media strategies.Our clients’ experience will be exhilarating. From the in-studio sessions to the real Atlanta experience of surfing through the city to different hot spots for potential booking!


Our data reports help artists and brands make smarter business decisions by providing reliable data, and in-depth insights. The research performed in the consultation will amplify the service. 

The reason being is you will have a team of elites constantly studying your target audience tendencies to better project an explosive release that gains the traction desired.


The brand is the sum of all the interactions with the artists from concepts, commercials, to concerts. Our “Omen Ai” supplies consistent marketing and messaging leading to consistent brand identity and, therefore, consistent sales. Sponsorships are one of the most powerful brand promotion strategies for 

brands, artists, actors, teams, and venues.  As your “Brand Officer” The Omen Agency can guide the artist brand so that it displays and delivers artists values in order to maximize marketing. This includes creating visual elements that distinguish the artist’s brand in consumers mind.


Most artists assume that since they are receiving some money from their distributor they’re collecting all of their royalties generated from their music. That is simply not true! Onboarding new content is a process, not a one-time event. 

The Omen Agency offers support with music and video production, copyrights, publishing, distribution, videos, managing meta-data, and more. Our priority is to see the artist win! Allow The Omen Agency to assist you in properly onboarding content right the first time to ensure maximum results. 


Don’t overlook the importance of having a marketing plan in place for your project. We use data to make decisions, and to determine how to generate the best return on ad spend, and sales through paid social advertising. 

From there we identify the target audience that the artist content will be presented, and our team will walk with you step by step. Timelines, publicity, marketing, playlisting, touring, live streaming will all be addressed for your journey to the top.


We also have a team of people that work countless hours on meta data to guarantee the growth and development of our clients streaming potential. 

We make sure to plan effective scheduling to ensure our algorithmic focus is as accurate as possible. This guarantees an immense level of traffic that will drive digital credibility.


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Tina P Pet That Dog - Hardwork pays off

Tina P

Cuba Gawd



Michael Bolden and Anointed Believers

Michael Bolden and Anointed Believers

Tina P Pet That Dog - Hardwork pays off

Tina P

A voice like this only graces the world occasionally in a lifetime. The world is ready for the next student of the culture. With the amplitude of Whitney Houston & chest of Tony Braxton. Tina P is what’s next. The skinny small town country girl left Mississippi, & headed to the big city of Atlanta to sing blues. There’s an international rebirth of Blues/Soul music with artists like Ed Sheeran, Adele, & Lizzo. The big stages helped groom Tina to be a power vocalist. She’s graced stages with Trey Songz, Future, Kodie Shane, 2 Chainz, etc. Tina is not new to blues; she is true to the blues! 

 Blues is the foundation of American music. Tina P’s “Pet That Dog” is more than Blues. It’s a crossover family-friendly groove, with call and answer party chants that will start a party in an empty room. The video features television stars Angelo Diaz from TVOne’s #1 Show “ATL Homicide”, and Quincy Bonds from Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne”. This catchy tune is easy to sing and nearly impossible not to dance to.

When asked why sing the Blues? Tina says, “My music tells stories of living through love, heartbreak while dealing with rejection and triumph; all in the pursuit of happiness”. We need that today.  “I pay homage & bridge the gap by being one of the youngest to expand on the foundation of American music; the blues. Which is great music no matter the age.” Ask Atlanta’s big station V103, & Spotify Playlist. “When it’s all said, & done I want to have inspired the world” #MicDrop – 

For Booking:Black Nicholson


Cuba Gawd

Known for his Acting and Writing, the Gawd is a natural storyteller since birth. In the midst of a meteoric rise as a bonafide Movie Star, and Starring in the #1 Hit Show on TVOne, ATL HOMICIDE(which airs internationally as HOMICIDE’S ELITE in 20+ countries), The Gawd, affectionately known as Cuba, had no intentions of pursuing music, not as an Artist anyway.

Cuba had more of an “Exec” kind of soul for music and rightfully so as he co-owns Fly Muzic with 1st Place Fontaine and Franck Mille.

But The Omen Agency changed that.

With the business acumen of Black Nicholson, and the musical genius of Jirou Street was already dangerous enough, but the Omen Agency  knew that the Gawd was the secret ingredient that they were missing.

The one that would bring it all together.

With his undeniable magnetism and his relentless trap work ethic, the kaleidoscope of sociology he learned as a youth transversing the culturally rich slums of Miami, his magical creative instinct, and his biracial upbringing and Afro-Cuban heritage, they knew that the Gawd was the one.

And soon you’ll see why. 

CubaGawd and The Omen Agency will be releasing his debut singles BOTTLES IN BOCA produced by Jirou Street, and SEÑORA completely independently, as part of his upcoming project: 

The Belafonte Tape

An ode to Harry Belafonte’s legacy and its impact on Cuba’s life and upcoming music career. Just the beginning of the ode actually. 

All to prepare you for the Gawd’s debut album: Angelito

Cue the confetti and turn up the volume.

The Omen Agency continues it’s global reign.



Brendan Moisés, better known as his stage name Moisés was born on Feb 10, 1993 in Jamaica Queens, New York. There he spent his childhood until 2007 when his family, then relocated to Atlanta, GA. Being of African American and Latin decent, the combined musical cultures played a big part in his infatuation with music.  Moisés love for music started at a young age. DMX, Daddy Yankee, 50 cent, being some of his favorite rappers he fell in love with clever lyrics and the stories behind hip hop lyrics. He also has a strong appreciation for the vibrant beats and culture of Latin music. Throughout his teens, he picked up a pen and started writing. Moisés has worked hard independently to continue to perfect his craft. He’s on a mission to building a legacy.

Michael Bolden and Anointed Believers

Michael Bolden and Anointed Believers

Michael Bolden, producer, songwriter, musician, and singer, was born in Snellville, GA and raised in Athens, GA. His love for music grew daily, as a young musician; he started his musical journey at New Bethel in Lexington, GA at the age of 3. Michael is a self-taught, drummer, pianist/organist, songwriter, and music producer. As a natural born A&R Michael organized the Anointed Believers gospel-singing group of six young men, and released their first album “Be Real” ft Zacardi Cortez in 2012.  In 2016, the group released their much anticipated sophomore album, “Help Me.” Throughout his career, Michael has traveled the world. In 2018, Michael Bolden and the Anointed Believers kicked off a multi-city tour in Italy. The group gained world-renowned recognition for their quartet-styled performances across the country.

As a gospel artist, Michael has shared the stage with many gospel greats such as Harvey Watkins and The Canton Spirituals, The Bolton Brothers, Lee Williams, Paul Porter of The Christianaires, the late great Rance Allen and the late Duranice Pace. Recently, Mr. Bolden produced Sir Charles’ latest album, the highly rated, “Intimacy.”  He also produces songs for the Southern Bluesman singer Pokey Bear, and the Small Town Country Girl “Tina P”. Michael reflects a varied personality, including ambition, genius, thoughtfulness, and generosity. Michael’s personal mantra is to “Trust God, always keep a level head, and do what you gotta do.”

Bradford “Deceptaconz” Smith is an American music producer, songwriter, engineer, and DJ from Fort Wayne, Indiana. He’s the founder of Deceptaconz Productions LLC. He has been traveling across the US working out of Las Vegas NV, Los Angeles CA, Dallas TX and Fort Wayne, IND as a full-time independent music producer and DJ that’s making some waves with a hard electronic trap sound. He has received several television, commercials, and independent movie placements. 

He has produced hits with a wide variety of Hip-Hop, Pop, EDM, Trap, R&B, Rock, Gospel, Country, and Soul albums. He has also had the pleasure of working with Grammy Award winning/nominated artist such as King Louie, Killer Mike, Bolo, M-16, Fatman Scoop, KnowleDj, and many more producers, artists and songwriters. His music expands across many genres therefore you can’t place his productions in a box.

He states “I am not defined by a music genre, so my music expands boundaries to take my music to the next level and beyond.

Currently Deceptaconz, has a partnership with performing artist HDM and they are in works on a collaboration tour for the summer of 2020.


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Omen HistoryWe have worked with countless artists over the years of our existence. Below is a roster of the websites and work we have done for clients over the life of the Omen Agency.

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