Acting Coach Douche School of Arts Pt 1.

Tina P and Quincy Bonds used to think that stereotypical, overzealous acting couches in Atlanta was a myth. That is until they enrolled into “Acting Coach Douche School of Arts”. Despite being a highly opinionated, barely accredited, bias beyond belief, and a want-to-be mentor somehow Douche’ always brings the best out in his students. Enjoy the first installment of Omen’s exclusive reality show series.


TINA P – @GoTinaPGo

ANGELO DIAZ – @CubaTheGawd

QUINCY BONDS – @QuincyBondsProductions

SHOT BY: Sell Navarro for @SNMultiMedia

DIRECTED & EDITED BY: @iamBlackNicholson, and @SNMultiMedia for @OmenAgency

IN ASSOCIATION WITH: Pretty Fly Society, and Phat Comedy,

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