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  • Tina P. "Walking Away" [The Sampler Reloaded]. Tina Pittman is looking out the Window into her Future.
    TinaP - Raining In Mississippi (Snip)
  • Still King Of Decatur
    Decatur Ike - Still King Of Decatur
  • Yung-Mazi - My Bitch Gangsta
    Yung Mazi - My Bitch Gangsta

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#NotHappy Pharrell Williams Apologizes For Wearing Native American Headdress

Pharrell-williams-gettySinger/producer Pharrell Williams found out what makes his fans angry. All it took was for the “Happy” creator to don a traditional Native American headdress on the cover of Elle Magazine UK. After being hit with a barrage of negative
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Rest.In.Paradise. Dr. Maya Angelou

I [Black Nicholson] like this picture of Dr. Angelou!
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Was Dr. Maya Angelou’s A Sex Worker in Her Past?

R.I.P. National best selling author, genius, icon for the civil rights and feminist movements, Dr. Maya Angelou, will go down in history as one of the great voices of literature. Dr. Angelou’s past as a sex worker was a guarded
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August Alsina Threatens to Hold Crowd Hostage Over His Hat!

August Alsina was performing at a show in Little Rock when his hat suddenly ended up in the crowd. Augustwent through the crowd with security in search for it. Details are hazy, but according to those in attendance his hat,
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[W.I.B.W. Exclusive] Black Nicholson & Plies

[W.I.B.W. Exclusive] Black Nicholson & Plies Follow Us: @WhatItBeWorld www.WhatItBe.net www.OmenAgency.com
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Omen Agency 3D Logo   #1 Myth of the Omen Agency: We are the Illuminati. #1 Myth Secret about Our presence: We market off the Triple R formula: Resources + Relationships = Results We are the new guard in the entertainment industry. Omen’s business track record proves that our strategy helped dramatically change the lives of many artists. Hot artists like Waka Flocka Flame, Nicki Manaj, and Future utilized our services to help them get to the next level. We’re in the know about the up and comers like Cash Out, Yung Tone, and Tha Joker and have worked with them as they rise to the top. You could be next! Hit us up to be rollin with the Omen.




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