CD Printing, Duplication, Packaging


CD Printing

All of our CD prices include CD printing (Black Ink Only). We use the Thermal Printing Methods  of CD printing.  Photographic images are possible but require a $25.00 set up fee, this offers superior results for printing. If you questions, we will be happy to advise.


Listed prices includes a disc with black thermal printing on top, a transparent plastic envelope/sleeve (slim-line jewel case. Assembly (CD and insert into the case) is an additional charge.

  • 50 Cents____________________________per cd up to 100
  • 44 Cents__________________________________100 to 500
  • 40 Cents_________________________________500 to 1000
  • 35 Cents________________________________1000 to 5000

Additional Services:(Price is based per Unit)

  • 10 cents_______________________Paper/Plastic Sleeves
  • 15 cents______audio burned on customer supplied CD’s
  • 15 cents_________________________________ Slimline Jewel Cases
  • 26 cents__________________________________Blank CD’s
  • 25 cents___________CD Printing Only (No Data Burned)
  • 40 cents_________________________________ Retail Ready Jewel Cases

Insert prices: (All orders must be paid for upfront before we start the order. Also jobs must be in by noon for next day service).

  • 250 Inserts___________________________________$95.00
  • 1000 Inserts_________________________________$160.00
  • 5000 Inserts_________________________________$210.00


DVD’s 1.00 up to 100

95 cents 101-500

90 cents 501-1000

85 cents 1001-5000




CD Packaging

CD manufacturing can be a task  and the process can not always be completed in very short time. Before you consider  CD duplication,  you may want to consider having your CD mastered and thoroughly inspected, then glass mastered by BackDraft Studios. In the meantime the Omen can assist in the graphic design of your artwork, checked, and sent to the printers for Inserts.

The finished product is now packed into cartons ready for dispatch.

As you can see it is not quite as straight forward as popping a disc in a CD duplicator and pressing a button, this is why we require approximately 2 business day to deliver your product.